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We have gotten many e-mail requests asking what is being said on the song “Shemoneh Esrei (Generations Prayer)” from the Album “Hope Arises”.

Our friend Rabbi Joseph Hilbrant prayed the traditional Hebrew prayer, from the 18 benedictions, known to all Israel as “Shemoneh Esrei – Geulah”, or “Prayer for Redemtion. This prayer is the seventh blessing of the weekday Amidah of Hebrew liturgy, and appeals to YHVH (the LORD) for redemption and deliverance. We felt it was fitting, following the final track “Generations Lost” on our previous album “Altered State”. Here is the Hebrew that was spoken as well as the English translation.

Shemoneh Esrei (Generations Prayer)
©2005 Seven System

(As recorded in Hebrew)

Re-eh Ve-on-ye-nu, Ve-ri-va Ri-ve-nu, Oo-ge-a-le-nu Me-he-ra.
La-ma-an Shme-cha, Kee Go-el Cha-zak A-ta.
Ba-ruch A-ta A-do-nai, Go-el Yis-ra-el.

(English Translation)

Behold our affliction, take up our grievance, and save us soon.
For the sake of Your Name, for you are a powerful Redeemer.
Blessed are you, Lord, the Redeemer of Israel.

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  1. This is a great blessing! May Hashem bless you and all you’re doing!! Keep on rockin the message of the Messiah!

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