Skinny Magazine Review

“Alternative Metal fans rejoice! Seven System is here for your listening pleasure. Utilizing abrupt time changes, distorted effects, enigmatic guitar swells, and a vocalist who sounds like an affirming messiah of sorts delivering deliberate, prophetic messages on the tapestry of sonic resilience, their album Altered State will indeed change your state of mind.”
– AM, Skinnie Magazine


We have gotten many e-mail requests asking what is being said on the song “Shemoneh Esrei (Generations Prayer)” from the Album “Hope Arises”.

Our friend Rabbi Joseph Hilbrant prayed the traditional Hebrew prayer, from the 18 benedictions, known to all Israel as “Shemoneh Esrei – Geulah”, or “Prayer for Redemtion. This prayer is the seventh blessing of the weekday Amidah of Hebrew liturgy, and appeals to YHVH (the LORD) for redemption and deliverance. We felt it was fitting, following the final track “Generations Lost” on our previous album “Altered State”. Here is the Hebrew that was spoken as well as the English translation. Continue reading →

HM Review

“Sevensystem. Metal. Yes. Sustaining power chords with the right tone is just… a heavenly powerful thing. Love it. Vocals kinda grunge-like. Other times more hardcore shouts. Maybe if Creed had been signed to Victory Records and produced by Adam of Killswitch? ”
– Doug Van Pelt, HM Magazine

Breakout Artist Of The Year

Seven System has been nominated “Breakout Artist of the Year” by The American Christian Music Exchange in 2005. Seven System will be performing at The American Christian Music Awards on October 15th at the Union-Endicott Theater in Binghamton, NY. Help Seven System win this by casting your votes online at The American Christian Music Exchange. If you are a local to New York, come out and support Seven System. Hope to see you all there!!!